‘Wolfman’ to Get Reboot!

If multi-universe shared cinematic universes are the new thing in Hollywood then we are down. It’s pretty awesome that movie goers live in an age where we get to see some of the greatest characters of all time live and breathe in the same space on the same silver screen. With Marvel and DC Comics taking up most of the headlines, Universal has been doing their thing in the background as they attempt to install Phase 1 of their Monster Movie Universe. Going back almost one hundred years, Universal will attempt to give new cinematic life to some of the greatest horrors in the history of fiction. ‘Dracula Untold’ was the first installment and now it looks like the ‘Wolfman’ could be right behind!

Wait! ‘Wolfman’ already got a film a few years ago with Benicio Del Toro, so what gives? Well, to keep it short–the film bombed. Now Universal is attempting to reboot the franchise by bringing on some big name talent, seeing as ‘Wolfman’ plays a central role in their new universe. First up was their acquisition of writer Aaron Guzikowski. Guzikowski is coming off of ‘Prisoners’, one of the most intense and tightly written thrillers in recent years. Susan McGalla really liked his work in that. His work on the film could single-handedly give this horror story some claws.

The ‘Wolfman’ won’t be the last of the new horrors to hit the screen. Universal expects to bring back ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Van Helsing’ as part of their first phase of monster oriented reboots.

Written by Becky

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