Why you should start using Edisoft if you own a business.

In the world of transportation the key performance indicator, or KPI, is king. In the past the best way of measuring the KPI was by the on-time performance. Thanks to technological innovation even more data is available to shipping companies thanks to increasing GPS Datasets and the IOT (internet of things), as well as considerable mobile solutions. Despite these advancements numerous companies have yet to broaden their definition of carrier performance. This method leaves the company open to many risks and possible data lapses. What if there is an issue with international customs? How accurately do motor carries report deliveries? In a changing world, the best practice KPI’s instead focus on metrics across multiple functions and trading partners rather than relying on the old method.



Edisoft was founded in 1995 with the goal of providing unparalleled data interchange solutions, giving even the smallest businesses the ability to connect and trade with ease. Edisoft’s platform will give you the coverage you need to successfully leverage your businesses full capabilities and guarantee total customer satisfaction. The easy to use Edisoft platform resolves traditional challenges in running a supply chain.



Edisoft offers a comprehensive software package which will increase Supply Chain Performance for manufacturers and distributors with integrated warehouse automation and automated shipping solutions. Edisoft is flexible, scalable, and comes with a host of easily configurable options to achieve an advantage with Omni-Channel Business models, including B2B and B2C fulfillment.



With a focus on big data, Edisoft the leading Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platform. Edisoft carefully leverages a multitude of datasets to provide your company with the best KPI possible rather than relying simply on old fashioned on-time performance indicators. With Edisoft. Your business will have a competitive edge and many of the headaches involve in running a supply chain will be alleviated. The Edisoft platform contains a host of software such as Edisoft Merchant, Merchant QuikPAK, and Merchant Xchange.



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