Wengie Shares Beauty Tips Through Youtube

YouTube is a place where people can share videos, music and photos with people across the world. As one of the most popular websites in the world, YouTube has helped spread information and ideas and connect people. One result of the massive audience of YouTube and the accessibility of the website is the rise of famous YouTubers.

There are hundreds if not thousands of people that have achieved fame and wealth by getting massive hits through YoutTube videos. As mentioned before, the ease of accessing YouTube, and the ease of sharing YouTube videos with friends and family through social media has lead to the phenomena of famous YouTubers. People can get famous on YouTube for singing a song, creating a parody, sharing their view on an issue or doing a prank. The phenomena of famous YouTubers can be viewed as an internet celebrities.

An example of a YouTube sensation is Wengie also known as Miss Wen. Her actual name is Wendy Huang and she is from Sydney, Australia. Wendy began writing about beauty and fashion in her own blog. It became a hit and it instantly drew the attention of companies that saw a potential to market health and beauty products through Wengie’s blog. Wendy is of Asian descent, and she focuses on beauty, health and lifestyle tips geared for Asian women.

Seeing the success of her blog and the ability to make money, doing what she likes Wengie decided to launch a new way of connecting with people. She started her own video channel and posted videos where she demonstrated on herself how to apply certain makeups, use certain products and how to style hair a certain way. Her YouTube channel like her blog also became a hit. Wengies YouTube channel has received almost thirty million views and has a following of 600,000 subscribers. It is ranked as being one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in all of Australia. In the beauty category, Wengie’s Youtube channel is ranked 5th.

Wengie has said that she enjoys what she does on her YouTube channel. She has been into fashion and beauty since school. Sharing tips and teaching woman how to look and feel great is a pleasure for her.

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