The Success of Charles Koch

Charles Koch is an influential member of the United States through not only his influence within the business world, but also his influence in the political world. His political influence can be observed during the 2012 election when Charles Koch and his brother raised over $400 million in order to fund the Mitt Romney campaign. Though Mitt Romney lost to President Obama, the Koch brothers have already raised over double that amount to now fund the upcoming 2016 election.

Charles Koch is the proud owner of Koch Industries which is one of the largest privately owned businesses. This particular business specializes in oil refining and provides the necessary ingredients to make some of the most used products within the United States. As a businessman, Charles Koch has been outspoken of his support for the free market. As a classical liberal, Mr. Koch believes that the government should be present; however, the government intervention should be limited.

As an acclaimed supporter for the free market, it came as a shock when Mr. Koch stated that he agreed with democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders who is a self proclaimed socialist. Mr. Koch agreed with Bernie Sanders on the subject of reform. Mr. Koch is a firm believer that the power within the United States should not belong to billionaires or greedy individuals, but instead to the people. Charles Koch supports the reform of the United States’ justice, political, as well as economic system. Though Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders agree on one issue, they do not see eye to eye as to how to accomplish this reform.

Bernie Sanders believes in an increase in taxation for the corporations while Charles Koch believes in less government interventions as that will only hinder the economy. Charles Koch continues to argue that taxing the large corporations will then translate to taxing the people. As corporations will be taxes, this will be then be translated of the price of the goods that are being sold.

Though these two powerful figures agree on one issue, they disagree on how the issue should be resolved. Bernie Sanders is a equal rights opportunist whereas Charles Koch is a businessman with knowledge as to how the economy will or not work. To continue to spread his support for the free market, Charles Koch continues to donate to several free market institutions. One of these institutions in George Mason University which has one of the top microeconomics department in the country.

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