The Sassy Reality of Queens of Drama

In April 2015, reality drama series entitled Queens of Drama aired on POP television. The first season had a total of ten, 30-minute episodes. The plot’s foundation is about former soap stars forming a coalition to make their own production company then land a pilot deal. The group of queens consists of Lindsay Hartly from All my Children and Days of Our Lives, Vanessa Marcil from 90210 and Vegas, Chrystee Pharris from Passions, Hunter Tylo from The Bold and the Beautiful, guest star Donna Mills from Knots Landing and Crystal Hunt from One Life To Live.

What makes the show “reality” is that all of these powerful actresses are playing fictionalized versions of themselves. Drama unfolds when personal interests are placed higher than the group, causing commotion between the women. Of course, while there is a fair share of altercations, the mission to create a lucrative production company gradually comes into fruition.

Crystal Hunt is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the television show Guiding Light from 2003-2006. In 2005, lists Hunt was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series distinction. Another notable role was the villainous Stacy Morasco from One Life to Live. One could say that Crystal Hunt is indeed a true star of acting—fitting for her role in Queens of Drama, and her Facebook fans would certainly agree. Growing up in Clearwater, Florida, she participated in pageants since 2 years old and has made use of her theatrical talents ever since. An interesting activity of Hunt’s is her ownership of My Pet’s Dream Boutique in her hometown.

In Queens of Drama, young Hunt is in a constant battle with her older co-star Lindsay Hartley. Hunt’s sass is a key ingredient for the group dynamic by introducing just enough spiciness to rouse the other ladies into action. Much of Hunt’s actual business and creative prowess is added to the show as well. Straight from her website, Hunt says that she constantly aims to expand on her soap opera persona for Queens of Drama. In that sense, though the show is scripted, Hunt hopes to fuse real and fictional roles together. These aspirations have made her character on the shown extremely popular with viewers and gives the show immense depth.  She also hopes to bring in her photography, including the many pieces only available on Crystal Hunt’s website.

Currently, while a release date for season 2 is unannounced, fans eagerly await the return of POP channel’s Queens of Drama.  Catch Crystal Hunt and the girls in an exclusive YouTube interview.

Written by Becky

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