The Real Talk About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a video communication service that was founded by Bob Reina. His goal was to come up with a way people can communicate to each other through video and camera by promoting video technology. He has a more than 20 year history of marketing experience and has received an impeccable reputation for his leadership skills, so it’s no surprise he invented such an amazing strategy. The objective of Talk Fusion is to connect people through video technology. It’s becoming so popular I think they will make telephones become extinct and obsolete. One customer by the name of David Kale, who is owner of Kale Design, says how he is always looking for ways to try new things with his customers and clients. One of his favorite things to do is sending video messages. He records them on his computer webcam or a flip camera, then he opens the Talk Fusion portal saves and upload the videos.

Using the same portal, he can create his video email. He can even add his own company’s graphics into the mix. David Kale has the option to choose from a variety of already made templates, in addition to text messages. Talk Fusion is becoming more and more popular, in fact it has expanded to more than 85 countries making it to number 8 on the list of the largest online video provider. So much so, that it rivals with Yahoo! Talk Fusion is part of the Direct Selling Association as well as the Direct Selling Educational Institute in a city called Dubai, which I believe is located in India, has a motive to enforce professional and ethical practices in direct selling.

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Written by Becky

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