The Political Agenda of Charles Koch

Since 2010 Democrats have been criticizing the exorbitant amount of money Charles and David Koch are funneling into the GOP. As more rumors are spread about the Koch brothers and their network, evey rumor begins with a grain of truth, the accusation’s are oftentimes misleading and damaging. The Koch network has been hush hush for years now that they are emerging there is speculation as to their political agenda.

Some people may speculate that the emergence of the Koch network is a direct response to the Obama administration. The truth is Charles Koch has been politically active since the 1970’s. Charles Koch has founded many philanthropic organization since this time, such as, the Cato Institute and the Mercatus Center on the George Mason University campus. Charles Koch donates millions to libertarian an conservative minded groups each year. Charles also donates large sums to conventional lobbying groups that utilize campaigns to push their policies on Congress and the nation. Some of the groups Charles has regularly donated to are groups such as Citizens for a Sound Economy and the 60 Plus Association. These organizations are against strict business regulations and guidelines. They are also opposed to energy taxation and social spending all the while pushing for the privatization of Medicare, Social Security and the Veteran’s Administration.

Koch was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas where he still lives today. Raised within an affluent family, Charles has continued to grow the family fortune and is currently tied in fifth place as one of Forbes 400 wealthiest people. While he does donate a considerable portion of his fortune for political and philosophical endeavors,the Koch network is not one of the organizations he funds. Charles has built up the network with hundreds of other considerably wealthy American families. Together they have raised an estimated 900 million dollars for this years election campaigns.

These funds are than distributed to Americans for Prosperity, a Koch funded organization which through its extensive contact lists of conservative activists uses its power to help ensure the election of conservative Republicans. They also use their financial powers to push lawmakers in Congress as well as local state governments to adopt “Koch-supported policies”. They also push for opposition policies to be blocked and dismantled to prevent them from becoming enacted. This is being accomplished though the penetration of the GOP. This allows the Koch network to advance its legislative priorities.

Even if some of the Koch affiliates were to be elected to Congress or the Senate they would not have enough political pull to advance their own extreme legislation. This is the reason the network operates through the Republican Party, this helps to elect office holders who help push the congreess and senate to enact the Koch agenda.

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