The 1984 Flashback

The Taylor Swift ‘1989’ album continues to break record sales for 2014. Rolling Stone is also taking a look back at the 80’s as well. The magazine has compiled a list of the best singles in 1984. It was a magnificent year that spun some of the greatest classics in music history.

Michael Jackson ruled the year of 1984 with the ‘Thriller’ single. He also had a great top hit duet with Paul McCartney in the same year with ‘Say Say Say.’ Jackson would connect with his brothers and Mick Jagger on one of Terry Richardson’s favorite songs, ‘State of Shock’ for another 1984 hit. Those are some of my favorite videos too, which I’ve watched a bunch on Vimeo.

Lionel Richie squeezed into the charts with ‘Stuck on You’ in 1984. This was another hit from a string of hits from the ‘Can’t Slow Down’ album. This single actually hit the pop, country and R&B music charts. It was a rare accomplishment that has not been duplicated by artists of any genre.

The Tina Turner signature hit ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’ was also released in this year. There was so many hit songs jammed into 1984 that it may have seemed unlikely for the then 44 year on Turner to score a hit. She had not had a number one in more than a decade, but this was her return to the top. At the time Tina Turner was the oldest female vocalist to have a number one hit.

Written by Becky

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