Stephen Murray Made CCMP Capital a Market Leader in the Private Equity Industry

Private equity companies are reputable when it comes to the creation of employment opportunities. The companies assist their clients in making informed investment decision. The private equity industry is complex and competitive. Firms that lack explicit strategies for dealing with challenges such as market instability fails to survive. On the other hand, strategic companies can realize tremendous profits and increased number of clients. CCMP Capital is an international firm that has cemented its position in the private equity industry. The company has invested over $12 billion in growth capital and leveraged acquisition transactions since its launch.

Brief history of CCMP Capital

Over the last two decades, CCMP has undergone a series of name changes. The firm was known as Chemical Venture Partners in 1984 when it was originally founded to serve as a subsidiary of Chemical Bank. In 1996, the Chemical Bank assumed the Chase name after acquiring Chase Manhattan Bank while Chemical Venture Partners became Chase Capital Partners. The grouped changed its name to JP Morgan Partners after J.P. Morgan & CO was purchased, and JPMorgan Chase formed in 2000. CCMP started private operation after completely separating from JPMorgan Chase on July 31, 2006.

CCMP Capital investment areas

A team of professionals who have extensive experience in both financial and stock investments runs the firm. It focuses on four major sectors.


Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has been busy in consumer sector for more than 31 years investing a total of $7.6 billion. The funds were used to strengthen subsectors such as service business, bulk supply, multi-channel markets, and specialty retail.


The goal of the firm is to improve the quality of health care services. For over 27 years, the company has invested a record $1.6 billion in subsectors such as distributors of medical products, healthcare service providers, and businesses producing special medical products.


A total of $4.1 billion has been invested in manufacturing and distribution companies. The aim of the investment is to boost the quality of industrial services.


The firm has invested a total of $2.6 billion according to Bloomberg Business in the chemical and energy sectors. Production of eco-friendly energy will be possible with these investments.

Background Information on Stephen Murray

Born August 2, 1962, and passed on March 12, 2015, Stephen Murray was an established private equity investor and an active humanitarian. He served as a CEO and President of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He was academically well-decorated holding an undergraduate degree in economics from Boston College as well as business administration master’s degree from Columbia Business School. He began his career as a trainee credit analyst with Manufactures Hanover Corporation in 1984. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, Murray started playing senior roles. He remained loyal throughout the period of buyouts, and when CCMP was established, he was appointed as the CEO. Murray was an active supporter of New York-based Make- A- Wish Foundation as well as a consultant for established Universities and Colleges.

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