Sound of Shoes Can Influence Mood

Sounds have an undeniably power on most every one of use. For example, sounds can change your mood and make you feel better or worse. That is an affirmation nobody would ever argue with.

But the first thing many would think of would be the music, not taking in consideration that such basic everyday sounds as the ones made by one’s shoes can have a great impact as well. The lower or higher, screechy or echoing noise can affect one’s perception about themselves, making them feel lighter or heavier, happier or tense, depending on what they hear with every step.

Engineers and psychologists worked on a study. The brown leather sandals connected to the technical devices are not just an ordinary pair of summer shoes. They were employed in the experiment along with audio simulators.

The results were as expected. One can feel changes in weight and moods depending on what their shoes sound like. Yes, the surface you walk on does matter as well, but the shoes are still the main factor. With shoes showing greater importance, Igor Cornelsen suggests investing in high quality.

So the next time you go shopping, you might want to invest in footwear that can make you feel good both aesthetically and auditorily. In the long run, the right shoes can make you feel happier and better about yourself. The new study will most likely make the designers’ job more complicated and people’s shopping experience more thorough.

Written by Becky

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