Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Millionaire Sanjay Shah is the owner, founder and CEO of an investment company that he started in 2011, called Solo Capital. The company specializes in proprietary trading and consulting. The company is based out of Central London but has offices in Dubai as well. Solo Capital’s business has increased rapidly throughout the years and has continued to be successful in the investment business side. It started out with a few graduate students and trading partners that Shah hired to help him get the business up and running. After several years of growth and success Solo Capital has an estimated net worth of $280 million.

Sanjay Shah was originally from Kenya and moved with his family to Central London. He attended King’s College in Central London while studying medicine. While he began to study medicine he soon realized that being a doctor isn’t something that he wanted to do anymore. He turned his major from medicine to accounting, and began to study finances. He graduated with his accounting degree and began working for an accounting firm for a number of years. After a while, he began to grow tired of the everyday grind along with the commute back and from. He decided to take the plunge and open his own brokerage business. That business became the successful and increasingly secure business called Solo Capital. After the company began to take off, he was slowly able to hire more employees and build more business investments centers throughout Dubai and Central London. He success of the business also allowed him to retire and begin his work on a charity that he is truly passionate about.

His called his newfound charity Autism Rocks. He was able to make agreements with some of the most famous artists in the music industry to help him raise awareness for Autism through their concerts. Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder that has many symptoms and can affect how people act in social situations. Shah is extremely passionate about raising awareness for Autism because his son was diagnosed with the development disorder in 2011. By raising money along with awareness through Autism Rocks, he’s able to help fund the necessary research to help others, along with his son, cope better with the disorder. He wasn’t exactly sure how to help with Autism until he had an afternoon lunch visit from Snoop Dogg who encouraged him to get back into the music industry. That’s when Autism Rocks evolved. Now that Solo Capital is successfully conducting business on its own and by his trusted business partners, he’s able to focus his efforts on the charity. He hopes that he will be able to convince some of the music artists to donate a soundtrack from their album for future research on the topic.

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