Skout: Setting Up the Perfect Mobile Networking Interactions

Skout is a mobile social application (app) that’s quickly transforming how people meet, connect and get to know one another. Strangers can become friends and friends can become travel buddies to engage in exciting trips around the world. With Skout the networking possibilities are endless; it provides a less frightening way to make new encounters. It’s possible to create an outreach to members who are nearby as well as those in other countries.

As a dedicated social networking platform for mobile users, Skout includes the following features:



People everywhere can connect and join together to participate in all sorts of fun things such as social, gaming, sporting events or a plethora of night time activities, thanks to the popularity of this app. Skout is currently available for download for both Android and iOS platforms, in the Google Play and Apple Store, respectively. And in the near future, it will soon be available for users with the Windows Phone. Skout incorporates 180 international communities, and 14 languages.

When it comes to meeting people on any app, it is necessary to follow necessary online safety guidelines. While it is possible to meet people, and connect with friends in fun, new ways and travel to different locales and party at nighttime venues, just a reminder that the Skout app is only intended for those 13 years of age and older.

Skout provides two most audacious ways to bring people together. It comes with Nixter, a nightlife app that’s designed to share big city events with other users so that they can purchase tickets and see who’s already invited to the venues, by viewing the guest lists in advance. Users can chat with other members and plan to connect at events in all major cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas.

Also included within the mobile networking platform is a second app. Fuse presents the opportunity to chat with new love interests and potential friends at hyper speed. In fact, as an “Ephemeral group messaging app” it’s so fast that users literally have a set response time or the “fuse” connection simply closes and disappears forever. Of course, users can simply choose to ignore the alert. When someone starts a conversation with another user, there’s a three-ten minute window that opens, if the other person is interested, this starts a fuse.

At last count in 2013, the Skout mobile social network had over 500 million users worldwide. Due to the popularity of features like “Shake and Chat” Skout is continuing to increase the number of communities. The major reason for the unprecedented growth of Skout is the ability to link people who live in close proximity to each other, allowing users to search for friends by location, events or by interests. It should be noted that GPS is disabled in the teenage communities; it’s only available for adult members.  Make sure to check them out on Twitter if you would like to know more.

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