Sam Tabar: How to Attract Investors to a Hedge Fund

When convincing investors to put their money into a hedge fund, there are many factors that come into play. Not only does the hedge fund have to be strong enough to give investors confidence, but it also must be presented in a way that clearly explains all aspects of the fund. Therefore, it’s vital that the person in charge of investor relations be one who not only understands the complex nature of these investments, but also has a grasp of what it takes to connect with investors on a personal level. Over the past decade, perhaps no legal and financial professional has been better at this than Sam Tabar. One of the most highly-skilled professionals in the business today, Sam has been able to use his talents to attract investors on all levels to hedge funds across the world. In doing so, he has built a worldwide reputation for excellence in a variety of areas.

While Sam has had a great career in the legal field, it is his work within the area of financial analysis that has given Sam the excellent reputation he now enjoys. As the Director of Business Development with PMA Investment Advisors, Sam has combined his knowledge of law and finance to create a winning combination for investors. Realizing that a hedge fund ultimately succeeded by having a wide range of investors, he set out to work with clients the world over in an effort to build up an investor network that would be second-to-none. Whether he was in Hong Kong meeting with wealthy investors or in New York working with investors with less money to put into the fund, Sam always realized it took a unique blend of people to help a hedge fund reach its full potential.

As Sam has continued in his career, he has been able to greatly expand his network of clients and investors. In fact, he has built up a personal file of well over 2,000 individual investors with whom he deals with on a regular basis, enabling him to always have many people from which to choose when discussing the latest investment options. Knowing it requires a solid knowledge of the facts and details to attract and keep investors, Sam does all this and much more. In the weeks and months to come, Sam will use his skills to attract more and more investors, producing even greater results.  One thing is assured, as he always has done, Sam Tabar will march on.

Written by Becky

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