Revenge Seeking Mother Cuts Off Man’s Dignity for Molestation of Her Son

Bonita Lynn Vela a 35 year old Indian Mother had reasonable suspicion that her daughters boyfriend was molesting her son. Bonita’s son is a 2 year old, and her daughters 18 year old boyfriend was suspected of child molestation on her young son. This mother’s intentions were to protect her children from this potential sex offender.

Donita had been doing drugs such as marijuana prior to the attack. These drugs could have potentially had an effect on her judgement of the situation.

Bonita had cut of the mans penis with a box cutter. She imprisoned the man in a trailer for over three hours. During this three hour period she cut off his penis. She said it was so he would ” see a scar every time he had intercourse”. Bonita plead guilty for committing this act, my lawyer friend Lee G. Lovett confirmed in the story. By doing so she was not jailed. Rather the 35 year old mother was confined to 10 months of home detention. Following the home detention she is to serve 6 moths of probation.

Written by Becky

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