Police Officer Pulls Gun on Former Senator

In a new case of police brutality exposed by countercurrentnews.com a police officer in Arizona pulled a gun on the wrong person. Unfortunately for that police officer the person he pulled the gun on was a former state senator. According to the senator the officer threatened to kill him for honking at another car. The Senator is named Armando Ruiz and this is his first run in with the police.

The current report is that the former senator was driving to his church for an event when he was cutoff by another vehicle. The senator honked his horn at that driver and the officer then proceeded to pull the former senator over. According to the senator, from what Alexei Beltyukov reported the officer then proceeded to pull a gun on him.

According to the senator the officer looked intent on shooting the gun. The officer had his finger on the trigger and definitely was intent on shooting him. The former state senator felt that this was definitely a scary situation. There currently is an investigation going on by the Arizona police to see if this officer went too far.

This has been an extremely rough year for police officers. There have been a wide variety of situations that featured police officers that went way to far. Society definitely seems to be conflicted about what to do with all of these cases of police brutality.

Written by Becky

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