• How White Shark Media Is Growing Through Experience

    By / January 28, 2016

    There’s two groups of people who often receive a lot of criticism from the public. These are anyone dealing with tech support and anyone who deals with the subjectivity of modern digital media. There’s any number of reasons for it. But one things for sure, people dealing with either of these things need to be… Read more

  • Billionaire Soros Calls For Strong, Preemptive Action To Save The European Union From Itself

    By / January 25, 2016

    George Soros is a worldly billionaire who has himself been the target of war and oppression. He is in a unique position to understand the gripping tragedy of the war in Syria, the unrest in the Middle East, and the refugee crisis that is now taking place all across Europe. The benevolent philanthropist desperately wants… Read more

  • Helping Fight Autism With Music

    By / January 24, 2016

    For years, this world has been attempting to deal with the mental disorder of Autism. Unfortuaently we have made little progress in finding a cure or treatment. There are those, however, who work very hard to help children with autism. In 2014, a man by the name of Sanjay Shah from Dubai started a charity… Read more

  • James Dondero and the Outlook of the Stock Markets in 2016

    By / January 21, 2016

    The flat end for the stock markets in 2015 boosts the prospects for 2016. The markets ended right where they began in the year. In the first half of 2015, the markets were calm due to good fundamentals as well as investor optimism. Later, the attitude changed when a mini-crash occurred between August and October… Read more

  • Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Many Skills In The Plastic Surgery Field

    By / January 19, 2016

    Not everyone is up to getting a surgical procedure, especially if it’s plastic surgery. Many feel that plastic surgery is an acquired taste, and it’s something that only a select few people do. Those who want plastic surgery will want a great surgeon to perform the surgery, especially since plastic surgery is something that can… Read more

  • Yeonmi Park’s Story of Escape

    By / January 7, 2016

    In her book on Amazon, In Order to Live: A North Korean’s Girl’s Journey to Freedom, Yeonmi Park recounts her escape to freedom from North Korea. On March 31, 2007 she crossed the Yalu River with her mother in the dark of night. Their arrival in China was just the beginning of a journey that… Read more

  • Slyce – Visual Search Technology Beyond Your Imagination

    By / January 6, 2016

    With technology today, it is nearly impossible to not be able to do something. If you want to something, what ever it is, technology has probably created a solution to help you through. Imagine you are walking through a local mall, just browsing the stores, when suddenly you see that dress you just had to… Read more

  • Banco BMG’s Success

    By / January 6, 2016

    Banco BMG bank is a privately owned financial institution. This financial institution, is controlled by the Pentagna Guimarães family, who have been in the Brazilian Financial Industry for over 80 years. The current Vice president of BMG bank is Marcio Alaor. Initially, BMG started as a wholesale and consumer financing business. This business then transitioned… Read more

  • Why Ricardo Guimarães Has Been Voted The Best President For BMG

    By / December 17, 2015

    Business is an area that keeps evolving and if you want to stay in business, it is necessary to stay up-to-date and aware of these changes. With the soaring competition in the modern world, it becomes necessary to involve reliable professionals who have been able to handle complex situations before. Staying unique and offering the… Read more

  • Expanding Treatment For Sleep Apnea Throughout The Field Of Dentistry

    By / December 16, 2015

    There, are many doctors and dentists throughout the world that specialize in treating sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the leaders in providing treatment for sleep disorders. He started his own dental practice about 15 years ago. In 2010 he recognized that sleep disorders are a real problem and decided to learn more… Read more

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