No Abortion Clinics In Rossville

In¬†Rossville¬†Georgia all officials have made the unanimous decision to pass an ordinance to ban abortion clinics within the city. The state officials are saying that they want to avoid the “drama” that would come along with the abortion clinics in their city. The mayor of the city Teddy Harris stated that he wants to have a “peaceful city” and because of that, they do not want the issues that will come along with abortion clinics. It is true that abortion clinic’s do attract the drama of protesters, and because of that many cities try to avoid the issues that will come along with these clinics.

Out of all of the counties in Georgia 96% of them do not have an abortion clinic in them. Since that is the case, it makes it very difficult for a woman to be able to get an abortion in state of Georgia. Abortion clinics are generally plagued by anti-abortion protesters and quite often these protesters try to do things such as intimidate women who are trying to enter these abortion clinics. Since abortion clinics can attract activist that would create a hostile climate for the Rossville city area, officials want to avoid having them in their city. This information was relayed to me by Christian Broda.

It seems like the tactics of anti-abortionist are working because it has become more and more difficult for a woman to choose to have an abortion in many areas. Each and every person will have their own opinion as to whether this is right or wrong, but for the city of Rossville abortion clinics are out.

Written by Becky

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