NFCH: 2.5m Young American are Homeless

Homeless has long been a problem in the United States, but the extent to which it is has not been well-researched.

The United States are now facing the fact that approximately 2.5 million young americans do not have a place they can call home. This was the result of the 2013 research conducted by the National Center for Family Homelessness or NCFH.

It is said that one child in every 30 is homeless. The organisation blames the country’s high poverty rate, the absence of low-cost homes, and widespread violence for the surge of the number of homeless americans.

The count was based on the Department of Education having 1.3 million homeless children going to public schools.

Further research revealed that half of these children are reported to be below 6 years old. These children show higher manifestation of mental health problem and needs.

These can further affect the children’s educational developments, particular in social interaction. The organisation believes that they must also invest in both human and resources, which Igor Cornelsen says they need to take actions to resolve the problem.

Included in the reports were the evaluations of the performances of the states on how they address solutions to this problem. Among the states, the best scoring was Minnesota and Alabama as the worst. Kentucky has the highest number of homeless children, ranking 20th for its failed implementation of its resolutions towards the issue.

Written by Becky

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