Kevin Seawright: Providing Employment For Youth

Kevin Seawright is the Chief Financial Officer for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Seawright and the company he works for are partnering with well known local individuals and the organization NewarkWorks. This partnership is taking place in order for youth in the area to find jobs during the summer of 2016. The end goal of the program is to prepare youth for college. They do this by providing them with 6 weeks of paid work, which will help them save up for costs of living during college and tuition. There will be empowerment lectures, job training, college readiness programs and financial literacy programs. Eventually, the hope is that college graduation rates will be boosted in the local community.

Seawright is very excited about innovative changes that are happening to the program. One of the major changes that Seawright sees significant promise in is the application process. They have moved it to an online format in order to provide more students with access and much easier access to the program. The application process used to take several weeks because students were required to come in in person to apply. It now only takes about 30 minutes and this has already show to be a big help. more than 350 applications have already come in. Another big change that the program facilitators are hoping to make is the amount of jobs that are available to the youth. In previous years there have been around 3 thousand jobs on offer. The program wants to move this number up to 35 hundred. This was a major initiative that was brought about by Seawright himself. This initiative goes along side Seawright’s other initiative to provide the best financial literacy program that he possibly could. In order to do this, Seawright partnered with Santander Bank and TD Bank.

One of the basic goals from the financial literacy aspect of the program is that youth will have an understanding of how to open their own savings and checking accounts. Seawright claims that this is the foundation for financial success in the short term and in the long term. The program will start at the beginning of July and it will run through the middle of August. All of the student employees that are involved in the program will be paid minimum wage by the various businesses that are involved in the program. Seawright has emphasized how proud he and his entire company is to be working on this program. They believe it will provide positive outcomes that can be measured and it will significantly benefit the city of Newark as more students are further educated and then employed.  Have a look at Kevin’s resume for more.

Written by Becky

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