Keith Mann Funds a Scholarship to Enable Senior Students from Uncommon Schools to Attend College

Keith Mann has a strong reputation for matching alternative investment firms in need of talented business professionals with the desired individuals. Keith Mann and his wife Keely came up with a scholarship geared towards facilitating the role played by the Uncommon Schools, which is a Brooklyn-based charter management organization. The Uncommon Schools specialize in helping students from families that are not financially well up to attend and graduate from university.

The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship, which was established in collaboration with the charter school, will ensure that one hardworking and talented senior from the school attains a four-year college or university education. Joe Frick, a college counselor, expressed his gratitude to Keith Mann’s family for helping students access higher learning and achieve their goals.

Due to a large number of seniors, who may be eligible for the scholarship, an application process was designed to help narrow down the eligible students to only a single student per year. Consequently, the application process involves writing an essay containing a thousand words about how attaining a degree would enable a given individual to achieve his or her professional objectives in life.

The scholarship program was established with an aim of awarding its first beneficiary with the $5000 reward for college tuition fee by the end of last month this year. This initiative hopes to continue rewarding more students who depict great potential in the business world. Keith is also expected to help match the students with various firms looking for the new generation of leaders in the corporate sector.

Apart from being a philanthropist, Keith Mann manages his Dynamics Search Partners company. The firm focuses on searching for executives and other talented individuals on behalf of private equity and hedge fund companies. The success of the Dynamic Search Partners has resulted from the partnership and relationship between the firm, talented candidates, and its clients. Keith is a professional with a 15-year experience in hiring strategy, hedge fund compensation, and staffing. As the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Keith has managed to build connections with alternative investment firms in Asia, United States, and Europe.

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