Keep your puppy healthy with Beneful

The earlier years for your dog are among the most important, and puppies require a bit of extra love and attention. When it comes to their food and treats, choose a brand that is both tasty and healthy. Remember, your puppy’s diet is an essential part of growing healthy bones, cartilage, joints and skin, as well as, a shiny and soft coat. Many breeds experience problems in these areas later in life, but focusing on holistic health approaches earlier (including, and especially, diet) may help them later when they’re older.

Beneful, a brand that stems from Purina dog food, comes in many healthy formulas designated specifically for puppies. Their “healthy puppy” brand is marketed as containing real chicken for protein as well as flavor. This is a calcium rich formula that also contains Docosahexaenoic acid, DHA for short. DHA, also important in human diets, is an omega-3 fatty acid that assists in brain, immune system and ocular health. The boost in cognitive functions also makes DHA a great supplement for training purposes; puppies are more energetic, pay more attention and learn with greater ease. The carrots and peas in this formula add additional vitamins and minerals that your growing puppy needs.

Beneful healthy puppy formula is a dry dog food. Some dog owners may prefer giving their furry family members wet food. There is no right or wrong decision. Wet food does help hydrate but isn’t a substitute for water. Regardless of which food type you give your dog, always add a bowl of fresh water.

In addition or protein, DHA and calcium, Beneful healthy puppy also provides 23 essential vitamins and minerals to your baby pet. These include vitamins A, B-complex, E and potassium. The benefit of Beneful is a no-brainer!


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