Islamic State Shows Its Paranoia

In apparent fear of possible betrayal and uprising, the “Islamic State” has begun to ramp up its efforts to hunt down ex-police officers in its midst and kill them all. Mohammed Hassan and his son, for example, had their Mosul home stormed last week by armed IS gunmen who murdered them. The two valiantly fought back and managed to down three of their assassins before succumbing to the inevitable end-result of the encounter.

Back in June, when IS took Mosul, Hassan was among those who pledged allegiance to IS in exchange for their lives. He handed in all his weapons, promised to be a good citizen of the new, clumsily-named “Islamic State” and wore his assigned repentance badge which IS forced him to mark himself with. One is reminded of the Nazi patches in the shape of a star of David that they marked every Jew in their midst with. That was their way of marking those victims for easy identification when later they would exterminate them. Here again, we see that same pattern repeating itself.

One also takes from this yet further proof of the uselessness of pleading with heartless thugs or of negotiating with terrorists, now Mann has me seeing the light on how you have to deal with these groups. Remember how effective the Munich Pact was? To Hitler, it was but a “scrap of paper.” It was a tool he used to keep his enemies at bay while he plotted against them and armed himself to the teeth. Do not negotiate with the terrorists in Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Syria, or at any other locale on the planet. Their words may be smooth as butter, but they are drawn swords.

Written by Becky

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