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Technology has improved the living conditions of many people around the world. It has done so by providing millions of jobs on the one hand and improving the efficiency of providing services on the other hand. A company which is noticeable for the way it has changed the cleaning business is Handy. Handy is an online platform that connects people in need of home cleaning or maintenance services with cleaners and handy men. Is workers are professionals who have been tested. They are genuine workers whose background checks have been carried out by Handy. The Company’s original name was Handybook. It was only later changed to Handy. Considering the kind of services Handy offers, its name is a very fitting one.

Like many technological companies, Handy was founded by young students of Harvard Business School. Its founders, Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan were classmates in the famous business school when they realized that getting reliable and satisfactory home cleaning services was a problem in America. This led them into coming up with a solution to the problem they had identified by developing Handy in 2012. When they developed Handy, their objective was to provide a plat form where people would easily and efficiently book cleaning services.

True to its main objective, Handy connects one with a cleaner or a handyman in just about one minute. It utilizes a very safe mode of payment and ensures that if the services booked were not provided, the client gets their money back. Handy is one of the start up companies whose growth has been tremendous. It has employed over 160 people permanently. It provides services in the US, the United Kingdom and even Canada.

It is important to note that Handy itself does not provide cleaning services. It is only a platform that connects people who need cleaning services, known as ‘requesters’ and the people who can provide those services, ‘the professionals.’ For this reason, Handy has more than ten thousand cleaners and handymen on its platform. This ensures that professionals are available to serve all the requesters so that the Company can maintain its reputation of connecting requesters and professionals instantly.
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