Details for Star Wars Episode 7 Revealed

Star Wars fans must be feeling pretty lucky, lately. Not only has their series been revived but it was placed into the hands of one of the most talented and creative minds in all of show business, JJ Abrams with production assistance from Tom Rothman. Next the new Star Wars movies pulled in a hotshot cast full of young talents and old veterans. Finally the first film, Episode 7, finished filming and with it came the title: ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’. With all of those details coming out it was only a matter of time until a few more leaks happened.

While details have been slowly leaking for the past couple of months, something huge was dropped via a Star Wars fansite. If you want your foray into a Galaxy Far Far Away to be untainted by spoilers it may be time to stop reading.

Through a ‘friend in the know’ the aforementioned Star Wars fansite revealed some major plot details for Episode 7. The details involve Luke Skywalker essentially transcending his previous power and becoming more of a ‘wizard’ than a warrior. His skills and powers become so much that he fears for the safety of those around him and thus escapes into exile. During his exile he falls victim to his own seclusion and starts to lose sight of his reality. Skywalker is eventually found and pulled back into the thick of things but not necessarily on the side that you would think.

Written by Becky

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