Couple Fall Asleep at Georgia Restaurant

While it’s not uncommon for somebody to take their time eating a restaurant, falling asleep right at the table is generally gauche.

There was an interesting Facebook post that had something about a couple who visited a restaurant for food and fell asleep for quite a while. This actually happened in Georgia where the couples had come to take their lunch at a local buffet chain.

After a very long time, the restaurant men have found that the couples have felt asleep with their faces on their food plate itself. Thankfully the man did not inhale the food and choke. This ultimately saved him.

When the restaurant workers noticed the couples falling asleep at the restaurant for a longer time than usual, they contacted the local police considering the suspicious activity of the couple.

Upon the arrival of police they found the couples in deep sleep in the center of Golden Corral. The man had his face down exactly on the plate of food. It became so popular that the policeman updated his Facebook after the incident. When Andrew Heiberger shared the photo on LinkedIn, it became a hit there too.

But the woman was actually arrested, as she had some controlled substances that are illegal to possess. Despite the police incident it was considered that it was for the best that the couple did fall asleep, so they could avoid any other potential troubles along the way.

Written by Becky

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