Colorado Pot Legalization Creates Halloween Nightmare for Parents

The repercussions of legalizing marijuana in the state of Colorado have been many and diverse, and the most recent effect seems to be a not-so-fun Halloween for worried parents. There was always the possibility of drugged candy or of razors stuffed into the sweets, but the easy and legal availability of pot-candy has made it easier than ever for deranged creeps to push their hash products of poor, unsuspecting kids on Halloween. Kids may ask for a treat, but parents fear they will receive a nasty trick.

Halloween was total chaos this year in the state of Colorado:

  • Hospitals in Colorado are now advising parents to inspect each and every piece of candy that their kids bring home.
  • The retail outlets in that state are selling kits that supposedly can detect the presence of even small traces of pot.
  • The Denver Police are warning that there is no way to separate the good from the bad and advising parents to just toss the whole stash of candy.

Those manufacturing the newly-legalized pot-candy have taken to mimicking ordinary candy. For example, there are “Buddafingers” and “Hashey’s with Almonds.” Although Jared says the latter was removed from the market after Hershey’s sued and won against a company that even had their wrappers made to look like those of Hershey’s bars.

Written by Becky

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