Chris Pratt: Cowboy Ninja Viking

Chris Pratt, star of Guardians of the Galaxy, is getting ready to star in another comic book film under the title of Cowboy Ninja Viking. This comic book is a lesser known character being from Image Comics. The main character of the franchise is a highly trained assassin who has multiple personalities. Disney was working on the project before it was given over to Universal. There hasn’t been news on the project for quite a while until recently when Pratt is reported to be the star of the film. Pratt is also the star of the upcoming Jurassic World. He passed up a role in Uncharted.

Since the project is in its early stages so there is no word on the release date of the movie. There is no official synopsis of the film as of right now. However, with the project being further developed, there will be more news revealed on this upcoming feature. This story was shared with me via Facebook by friend Fersen Lambranho.

Written by Becky

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