Charles Koch Donation to George Mason University Criticized for political reasons

Charles and David Koch are some of the richest billionaires in the U.S. and the leaders of Koch Industries. Koch Industries is a group of companies with diverse activities and the second-largest privately held company in the U.S. The two brothers are among the twenty wealthiest people in the world. Koch family foundations which consist of organizations for Charles and David is an umbrella of three associations. Charles leads the foundation that bears his name (Charles G. Koch Foundation) while David leads the foundation that bears his name (David H. Koch Charitable Foundation).

Charles Koch has been much involved in supporting education and research programs especially those that are focused on least fortunate and improving the human well-being. This has been the mission of his foundation since the 1980s through supporting institutions, ideas, free societies, and values that contribute to the maximization of human well-being. In fact, the foundations culture is based on the principles given upon donation.

Charles Koch interest in developing voluntary and market-based solutions to social problems has what helped him build some organizations including Bill of rights Institute, Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Institute for Humane Studies, Market-Based Management Institute, and Cato Institute. Charles Koch is a holder of Bachelor’s degree in general engineering completed in 1957, master degree in chemical engineering in 1958 and Chemical Engineering in 1959 from Massachusetts of Technology.

Charles Koch is an active supporter of George Mason University regarding its activities and research programs. In three years from 2011 to 2014, he donated $48 million dollars according to the recent tax records. Charles have also given about $20 million to other institutions, but no school has reached $1 million in a single year. The donations made to George Mason University has resulted to too many critics condemning the actions of Charles Koch in trying to influence university policy and independence of the university.

Other billionaires that have made similar contributions to schools and other institutions, but critics have insisted that Charles Koch’s ambitions to influence the political direction are what motivates him. Koch family is known for their influence and involvement in politics. They have funded many Republicans hopefuls and civil rights groups whose movements is to support a free society. Other billionaires’ that have made donations to higher institutions include David H. Koch of Koch Industries and Phil Knight the co-founder of Nike Inc., who donated $400 million in scholarship money to Stanford University.

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