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CCMP is a globally private investment firm that specializes in growth equity transactions and takes pride in their advisors and their personal experience and history that they bring to the company. CCMP Capital focus solely on four different areas of investment and are very experienced when it comes private equity investments. The four different areas that they mainly target are consumer and retail services, industrial business, healthcare business and chemicals/energy type of business. They have been utilizing and exhibiting years of experience since 1984 and are known as a world class investment partner. Their established reputation has invested many years of growth and they continue to offer excellent services and client satisfaction.

Up until one year ago, Stephen Murray was the chief executive office and president of the company, CCMP Capital. He actually co-founded the company in 2007. It was originally a branch off of J.P. Morgan and they became an independent firm in August 2006. Unfortunately the company lost Murray in March of 2015 to health reasons and he passed away. Murray took part in many different investment firms as that is where he started his career. He studies economics in 1984 at Boston College. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in economics, he went back and got his master’s degree in business administration. He had been in the private equity investment business for many years. He started in 1984 as an analyst for an investment firm that was eventually bought out and then combined with many corporations to form J.P. Morgan Chase. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was formed from J.P. Morgan as it is an investment branch that has resulted in many targeted sectors of success. Murray was a very active philanthropist and took part in many functions and boards. He was an active contributor to the Make A Wish Foundation as well as the food bank in Boston. He also took pride in participating as a trustee on the board at Boston College. He was very active in the community and was proud to help anybody or anyone.

CCMP Capital has been a successfully ran company for many years, with a history of reports credited to many successful investment firms. Their history has been collected by investment firms that are reputable and exhibit high end employees that have many years of experience. With all of the strategic planning and solid work ethic, CCMP Capital is most definitely one of the most successful investment equity firms in the world. As a global company that specializes in many areas of expertise, they can assure to find the best possible quality assurance and client satisfaction. Murray brought many years of experienced to the table to help CCMP Capital, and they will continue to use the qualities for many years to come.

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