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  • George Soros Shares His Opinion On Donald Trump, ISIS And Refugee Crisis

    By / January 31, 2016

    George Soros is not one who keeps his opinion to himself. The self made billionaire hedge fund manager has openly criticized Donald Trump, the current leading Republican presidential candidate. Soros criticized fellow billionaire Donald Trump who made his fortune in real estate, while Soros made his fortune in finances by saying Mr. Trump was doing… Read more

  • Terrifying Sunday at North Carolina Beach

    By / June 15, 2015

    It was a terrifying day at a North Carolina Beach on Sunday, June 14. In two separate incidents teenagers were attacked by sharks. Beach goers described the scene as looking like something out of the movie Jaws.   Both attacks occurred at separate times on Oak Island. First a teenaged girl was bitten. She lost… Read more

  • Safety Zones

    By / June 7, 2015

    Guns and gun safety are incredibly important, not only to everyday citizens, but especially for those tasked to protecting us. This importance intensifies when it comes to buildings and organizations that are often targeted from those who might want to hurt those protectors and officials. A young man, who was an intern for a congresswoman… Read more

  • Orange Tinted Glasses May Reduce Negative Impact of Computer Screens

    By / April 8, 2015

    ¬† In recent months numerous papers and studies have been published regarding the negative effect screens and our tech devices have on our health. Most individuals do not realize how much light, our vision and our health are related, but there are certain steps you can take. For starters, reducing the amount of screen time… Read more

  • Long term investor: Igor Cornelsen

    By / February 18, 2015

    Igor Cornelsen A Skilled Long Term Investor Igor Cornelsen is an investment specialist of all sorts, who is an expert at mentoring investors to make long term investments and make intelligent ones that can be lifelong as well as profitable. Now the owner of the Brainbridge Investment Incorporation since April 2011, Igor Cornelsen runs a… Read more

  • All About Christian Broda

    By / January 9, 2015

    I’ve been following Christian Broda on¬†Twitter for about a year now, he’s one of my favorites and he recently started following me. I decided to do a little research on my newest follower and here’s what I found. Christian Broda, PhD is a finance expert, hedge fund manager and economist who resides in New York,… Read more

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