Rays of Sunshine

  • Christmas Layaway Angels Pay Off Balances

    By / December 17, 2014

    As Christmas 2014 draws near, a few people are really getting into the giving spirit and going into stores and paying off all of the layaway accounts just days before the big holiday. At least half a dozen donors have gone into just as many stores and paid off every single layaway purchase remaining on the stores’… Read more

  • New York Ebola Patient Dr. Craig Spencer Released From Hospital

    By / November 11, 2014

    Today Dr. Craig Spencer was released from Belleview hospital in New York, along with a declaration that he had been cured. Spencer was met by the press where he expressed his gratitude to the staff, especially team leader, Dr. Laura Parker. Admitted on October 23, 2014, Spencer told reporters he was an example of how the health… Read more

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