• Economists Like Christian Broda Help Firms Manage Billions In Funds

    By / August 17, 2015

    In the world of finance, economists help make sense of complex data. These specially trained professionals use their own models to break down important economic data so their clients understand it. The clients are generally large institutional investors or other financial services heavyweights. They have billions of dollars at stake with their holdings so they… Read more

  • Much Needed Development Is on the Horizon in Atlantic City

    By / July 23, 2015

    There has been a lot of chaos in the Atlantic City real estate market in recent years. With chaos comes opportunity. One area of town that has irked developers for years is known as “Pauline’s Prarie.” This lot of land has resisted development since the buildings on it were razed in the 1960s. Boraie Development… Read more

  • The Wicked Worm

    By / July 1, 2015

    A species of worm was just identified as a species that lived over 500 million years ago. What makes this worm special is that it was one of the first animals to develop their own sense of protection by growing armor. The aesthetics of the worm have been labeled as bizarre, super armored, and spiked covered…. Read more

  • The Homeless Man’s Good Deed

    By / June 23, 2015

    Located in State College, Pennsylvania, lives a homeless man also known as a local hero. A mother struggling with brain cancer, lost her wallet recently. A homeless man having found her wallet with $400 and a welfare card returned it to the mother. A man in his late 30s struggled with his conscious when he found this… Read more

  • Twin Bond Makes Graduation Extra Special

    By / June 18, 2015

    Aly and Anders Bonville have always had a special bond, as most twins do. However, Anders is unable to speak words, he is, however verbal. He is able to make sounds and amazing, like many twins, Aly is able to decipher what his sounds mean. She was nearly always his interpreter for their classmates, so… Read more

  • Oh, Boy: Rachel Dolezal Drags Caitlyn Jenner into the Identity Discussion

    By / June 17, 2015

    The newly resigned president of the Spokane NAACP chapter has now dragged another famous name into the mix. Rachel Dolezal mentioned Caitlyn Jenner, who used to be known as Olympian champion Bruce Jenner, in a series of TV interviews regarding her racial identity. The former Bruce Jenner recently came forward to the world as a… Read more

  • Sexist Remarks Leads Top Scientist To Ruin

    By / June 16, 2015

    A short time ago Tim Hunt who had received a Noble Prize for his work in cell division made some unwise remarks concerning women in science and the need for gender segregated labs at a journalism conference. He later offered a weak apology admitting that he shouldn’t have made the comments but admitted he believed… Read more

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