• Is Kurt Russell Slated for Furious 8?

    By / April 26, 2015

    Even though Furious 7 is still playing in theaters, news about Furious 8 is quickly emerging. We do know that the bulk of Furious 8 is going to take place in New York City and the release date for the film has already been revealed. Now, Kurt Russell is dropping hints about reprising his cameo… Read more

  • Sony Pictures Look to the Future With Tom Rothman

    By / March 4, 2015

    Sony Pictures is hoping to put the problems of 2014 behind it with the appointment of a new chairman for their movie production arm, the New York Times reports. Thomas E. Rothman is the man charged with overseeing the return of Sony to stability and increased profits following a series of poor box office performances… Read more

  • The Doctor Named Top Sci-Fi Character of All Time

    By / December 30, 2014

    When it comes to entertainment genres, few have the ability to ignite such serious debates as science fiction. Sci-fi has a lot of fans, and most usually agree that a few franchises or properties are ageless and legendary. However, actually asking a group of science fiction fans to decide on the greatest character of all… Read more

  • Chris Pratt: Cowboy Ninja Viking

    By / November 20, 2014

    Chris Pratt, star of Guardians of the Galaxy, is getting ready to star in another comic book film under the title of Cowboy Ninja Viking. This comic book is a lesser known character being from Image Comics. The main character of the franchise is a highly trained assassin who has multiple personalities. Disney was working on… Read more

  • ‘Wolfman’ to Get Reboot!

    By / November 16, 2014

    If multi-universe shared cinematic universes are the new thing in Hollywood then we are down. It’s pretty awesome that movie goers live in an age where we get to see some of the greatest characters of all time live and breathe in the same space on the same silver screen. With Marvel and DC Comics… Read more

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