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  • Ken Griffin’s Ladder to Success

    By / October 29, 2015

    Ken Griffin on insidermonkey, the man who is considered one of the most highly placed icons in the realm of finance and business had such a normal life during his youth. Born in Daytona Beach in Florida, he lived life such as most of us had if not even less prestigious. What then escalated Griffin… Read more

  • Joseph Bismark Announces Martina Hingis As QNet’s Brand Ambassador

    By / September 30, 2015

    QNet has announced Martina Hingis as its newest brand ambassador. The announcement was made by Joseph Bismark, the Managing Director of QI Group, at Hamdan Sports Arena where the company held its V-UAE. The event was held on 18th September and was attended by over 10,000 people. The tennis superstar will join a team made… Read more

  • Big Turnover – Christian Broda and Basit Zafar

    By / September 12, 2015

    Here is the story of two of New York’s economists who seem quite interesting in terms of their educational background, development and current positions. They have somewhat conflicted points of view in terms of what the future direction of economy should be based upon. Here is the story of their work from an amateur’s point… Read more

  • Organo Gold Founder Receives Top Honors

    By / February 19, 2015

    Bernardo Chua and his staff went up to Manila to receive Bayan Awards as a people’s choice in The Philippines. This is an award that was first reported by PR Newswire, and it is a way for Organo Gold to get recognition outside of the Asian market where it is one of the best. The… Read more

  • Leading Hedge Fund Recruiter Keith Mann

    By / February 5, 2015

     Keith Mann is a New York professional who works for Dynamic Search Partners as its managing director. Dynamics Search Partners is a leading executive search company that provides alternative investment and hedge fund services. The goal at Dynamic Search Partners is to locate first-rate talent and skill sets for firms in the hedge fund world…. Read more

  • Christopher Cowdray: A Man of Vision

    By / January 25, 2015

    To call Christopher Cowdray a success in the luxury hotel community is a bit of an understatement, as his vision is a simple formula. Cowdray wants to create the ultimate in hotel experience for all of his guests. Yes, it’s a challenging marketplace, but luxury travel is on the rise. Hotel management is highly conscious… Read more

  • Jared Haftel Working in the Finance Industry

    By / January 23, 2015

    Jared Haftel is a professional in the investment banking industry along with being a student. Over the last few years, Haftel has established himself as one of the top professionals in the investment banking field. He began his career as an analyst at the firms Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch. Haftel then had stints at… Read more

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