• Banco BMG’s Success

    By / January 6, 2016

    Banco BMG bank is a privately owned financial institution. This financial institution, is controlled by the Pentagna Guimarães family, who have been in the Brazilian Financial Industry for over 80 years. The current Vice president of BMG bank is Marcio Alaor. Initially, BMG started as a wholesale and consumer financing business. This business then transitioned… Read more

  • The Automobile Stock Exchange As Told By Marcio Alaor

    By / December 2, 2015

    The stock exchange is something that many people are able to make money on, but the new way of trading on the stock exchange is all about vehicles. People who trade vehicles are more subject to scandal and there is more of a chance for scandals to come out when people choose to trade on… Read more

  • How BMG Has Transformed Its Strategies Over The Years

    By / November 12, 2015

    BMG is one of the leading financial services providers in Brazil. It has moved from a small organization to a large group that is currently located in almost all municipalities in Brazil. Considering the geographical size of Brazil as a country, we can conclude that it’s expansion strategy has been a success. Brazil is currently… Read more

  • Practicing Law in Brazil

    By / September 17, 2015

    Like the rest of the world, the Brazilian society has become very litigious, especially since the turn of the century. This has led to better business practices and fewer instances of disregard of the due process of law in decision making both at individual level and in business. Brazilian law practice has been growing for… Read more

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