• Changes Taking Place at Autism Rocks

    By / April 15, 2016

    Recently the PR Newswire released a story about some new changes happening at Autism Rocks in London. Sanjay Shah, founder of Autism Rocks, has appointed two new members to its Board of Trustees. The two new members include Pete Best whose expertise has been in the financial markets sector. Previously, Pete Best was the COO… Read more

  • Sanjay Shah: Conquering Different Industries

    By / March 5, 2016

    Sanjay Shah lives in Dubai with his wife, daughter and 2 sons. He moved there to open a branch of his firm, Solo Capital. Solo Capital is headquartered in London, England and was founded in 2011, after Shah had been one of the many who was laid off during the recession in 2009. When he… Read more

  • Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

    By / February 17, 2016

    Millionaire Sanjay Shah is the owner, founder and CEO of an investment company that he started in 2011, called Solo Capital. The company specializes in proprietary trading and consulting. The company is based out of Central London but has offices in Dubai as well. Solo Capital’s business has increased rapidly throughout the years and has… Read more

  • Creating Awareness for Autism: Sanjay Shah and Autism Rocks

    By / February 17, 2016

    When Sanjay Shah’s son was diagnosed with autism, Shah knew that he wanted to do something where he could put funding towards the research of this illness. At first, Shah wasn’t sure where to start but then he realized that he could use the music scene to help get donations for this great cause. In… Read more

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