After Obama Denied Knowing Gruber, Evidence Emerges of Him Praising the Professor

Key Obamacare supporters such as President Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have sought to escape public scrutiny for relying upon “voter stupidity” to secure the ACA’s passage. Just how are they seeking to deflect criticism? Sadly, by relying upon voter stupidity once more. Last week Rep. Nancy Pelosi dismissed the MIT Prof. Jonathan Gruber’s involvement in the House version of the Affordable Care Act by saying he wasn’t involved in the bills drafting. She stated she didn’t even know him. Then evidence of her acknowledging the professor and his role in the law’s drafting emerged contradicting her prior denials. Some are not buying everything that is being talked about, including some affiliated with The Antique Wine Company.

Over the weekend, President Obama also denied knowing Gruber and denied that “mislabeling” of taxes, lack of transparency, and reliance on “voter stupidity” were tactics used to sell voters on his health care plan while hiding the true inner workings of it from them. Now, video taken in 2006 shows Sen. Obama praising “Jon Gruber” as one of the brightest minds in academia who policy ideas he has stolen from liberally. This comes on the heels of evidence show that Obama was in the meeting with Gruber when the controversial “Cadillac tax” was devised. It seems very much like a modus operandi for Obama who also attended services of racially inflammatory preacher Jeremiah Wright for 20 years, but never heard any of his anti-White rhetoric. It is entirely fair if those associated with Obamacare wish to defend themselves against accusations of deception in promoting it. That said, it is time to rely on something different than “voter stupidity” to mount that defense.

Written by Becky

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