Abortion Clinics Banned From City by Mayor

The mayor of Rossville, Georgia has had a bill passed which outlawed abortion clinics from the city. The reason behind this is that the Mayor wanted his city to be a peaceful city. His reasoning behind this is to prevent any occurrence of protesters. Georgia has been reported to have very few abortion clinics. Only four percent of the counties have clinics that deal with abortion. This ban of abortion clinics from Rossville has urged protesters to get others to show gratitude towards the mayor for his decision.

Often times, when there are abortion clinics, they are accompanied by protesters that will try to discourage women from going in for a procedure. Flavio Maluf has seen these a lot while in the USA. Often times, they may intimidate the potential client. There are also cases when things escalated into violence. There have been other efforts to bring reduction to protesting with the use of buffer zones. However, these zones have been deemed to be a violation of the right to free speech.

Written by Becky

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