A Big Step for Home Cleaning

Oisin Hanrahan is the founder of Handy, one among many things dominating in space. It’s an on- demand cleaning and handyman service company that is as I would say, rocking big. Before solely venturing to this, together with Paddy Cosgrave, a colleague they went to college together in Dublin, both actually started two organizations; MiCandidate- a portfolio that offered media companies with political information and Undergraduate Awards- a non- profit organization that has grown to greater heights as we stand.

His journey is long, from working on developing real estate in Hungary while in college, to working for Excel Ventures in London, only to give birth to Handy while in Boston, at Harvard. He worked on this concept at his first and second year before dropping out of college to fully focus on developing Handy into a real business venture. New York was the optimal location for the company, its clients and stakeholders, to put this idea into action, so he moved to New York.

There are so many companies that offer same services as Handy but Handy’s focus is not on competition, they are rather focused on how they can build on their lead. This is something that has ensured its top- notch operation in the transnational way. Needless to say, it’s the biggest player on this particular platform. The biggest focus at Handy is expansion and continuous investment in making experiences better for not only their clients but also their professionals at large.

Their balance between contractors and customer satisfaction is phenomenon. In Handy, it’s about flexibility in working, for professionals that is, in order to earn supplementary cash. For clients, it’s about having the flexibility and easiness of making bookings for the cleaner and knowing that whoever is coming is as well reliable.

Oisin is continuing focusing on its services and experimentation with other services including an option to buy furniture from third parties among others. It has turned a luxury service into an affordable staple and still bringing as many services as feasible to the home, they much owe us that.

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