June 25, 2015

  • Vet Not Formally Charged In Death Of Cat

    By / June 25, 2015

    A Texas veterinarian has not been charged after she bragged on Facebook about killing a cat. According to reports, Dr. Kristen Lindsey posted a photo to the popular social media website Facebook of her, with a small orange tabby cat and an arrow through the back of its head. Lindsey can be seen in the picture smiling… Read more

  • The Homeless Man’s Good Deed

    By / June 23, 2015

    Located in State College, Pennsylvania, lives a homeless man also known as a local hero. A mother struggling with brain cancer, lost her wallet recently. A homeless man having found her wallet with $400 and a welfare card returned it to the mother. A man in his late 30s struggled with his conscious when he found this… Read more

  • Bam Margera Knocked Out In Iceland

    By / June 23, 2015

    Bam Margera is one of the most popular stars to ever come from MTV. He is known as one of the original members of the ‘Jackass’ show and movies. Bam Margera has also had several shows of his own in the past, but it seems that the former daredevil has run into a bit of… Read more

  • Add Gun Control to Items Bernie Sanders is Not Passionate About

    By / June 21, 2015

    Every candidate has issues they feel very strongly about and others which they do not view with the same passion. For Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, amnesty for illegal aliens is not a hot button issue like Wall Street Reform or free university tuition is for him. Now, it appears that gun control may well be another… Read more

  • The Donald Responds to Hillary Clinton’s Personal Attack on Charleston Tragedy

    By / June 21, 2015

    Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party’s 2016 presumptive nominee, has adopted a tactic of singling out GOP candidates by name when criticizing them. It is an attempt by the combative front-runner to define her candidates by stereotypes. On Wednesday, Mrs. Clinton took no time at all to attempt to direct public outrage over the Charleston tragedy… Read more

  • Community and Ecological Programs are Backed by Jonathan Veitch

    By / June 19, 2015

    Jonathan Veitch was given a major task when he was asked to become the President of Occidental College, one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the US. The school in southern California was at a pivotal point in its existence when Veitch was placed in his position in 2009 as the college had just… Read more

  • I Now See Why My Friends Love Skout

    By / June 19, 2015

    I can say a lot of good things about Skout, and I’ve only been on the network for a couple months. My best friends used to use Skout every day, and that’s how I came to know about it. When I would go to visit my friends, they would stay on the Skout network for… Read more

  • Twin Bond Makes Graduation Extra Special

    By / June 18, 2015

    Aly and Anders Bonville have always had a special bond, as most twins do. However, Anders is unable to speak words, he is, however verbal. He is able to make sounds and amazing, like many twins, Aly is able to decipher what his sounds mean. She was nearly always his interpreter for their classmates, so… Read more

  • Oh, Boy: Rachel Dolezal Drags Caitlyn Jenner into the Identity Discussion

    By / June 17, 2015

    The newly resigned president of the Spokane NAACP chapter has now dragged another famous name into the mix. Rachel Dolezal mentioned Caitlyn Jenner, who used to be known as Olympian champion Bruce Jenner, in a series of TV interviews regarding her racial identity. The former Bruce Jenner recently came forward to the world as a… Read more

  • The Bizarre Identity Crisis for Rachel Dolezal

    By / June 17, 2015

    As the series of Rachel Dolezal interviews surface it appears that the story continues to get more and more bizarre. Her parents have been interviewed, and there have also been interviews with Rachel, but the story continues to get more obscure. There is the talk about how her parents never supported her decisions to identify as black…. Read more

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