March 23, 2015

  • Irritating Sounds Contributed to Misophonia

    By / March 23, 2015

      Certain sounds can drive some people crazy, or up the wall. Natural sounds like chewing with an open mouth present some challenges for people who are suffering from misophonia. People with misophonia cannot stand to hear certain sounds, because the sounds intensifies in their minds. This disorder has been identified within the last 20… Read more

  • Dorchester Collection Hotels in London

    By / March 18, 2015

    The Dorchester Collection of hotels proudly encourages you to stay with them in the very near future, especially at their luxurious London locations. London What has become the Dorchester Collection started with the opening of the Dorchester on April 18, 1931. Guests to the hotel find many art deco elements that remind them of the… Read more

  • Emma Watson discusses nude photo threat

    By / March 9, 2015

      Harry Potter star Emma Watson has revealed for the first time the fears she had when a Website threatened to release nude photos of her, The Guardian reports. Speaking in support of the He for She campaign the actress revealed she was more shocked at the reaction to her speech to the UN about gender equality… Read more

  • Some Wiki Editing Basics for Y’all

    By / March 9, 2015

    The internet has become the first source of information that many people turn to when they are looking for information. Many people have found that the net can be a great place to get their questions answered and connect with others at the same time. One of the most widely used of all sites for… Read more

  • Sedatives Before Surgery are Not a Good Idea

    By / March 4, 2015

    When a person is scheduled to have surgery, the anxiety level increases as the time to go under the knife approaches. That’s the time when doctors often prescribe a sedative to help keep their patient calm. Paul Mathieson says it’s the medicine before the medicine. It provides a preoperative calm so the patient will better… Read more

  • Sony Pictures Look to the Future With Tom Rothman

    By / March 4, 2015

    Sony Pictures is hoping to put the problems of 2014 behind it with the appointment of a new chairman for their movie production arm, the New York Times reports. Thomas E. Rothman is the man charged with overseeing the return of Sony to stability and increased profits following a series of poor box office performances… Read more

  • BRL TRUST Investment News

    By / March 1, 2015

    BRL TRUST Investment was founded in 2005 with basic services including the providing of specific trust services and private equity loans.The end of the company’s first year of operation saw over 100 private equity loans being issued in which BRL TRUST was act as the intervening trust. The confidence gained by BRL TRUST’s clients enabled… Read more

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